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Posted 2019-05-04 at 19:39
buy stock online Trading began online since only a few years; where the number of investors did not exceed the time a few hundred, then it developed until it reached more than 5 million investor Currently, this number represents a nearly 20% share of the global , but the experts forecasts indicate the number of investors over the Internet in this area will become a 20 million at the end of the world in 2005. On the Arab level is the most inclined to trade Kuwaitis on the Internet, especially that Kuwait is one of the major emerging financial markets in the Middle East, and that the companies provide some capabilities that enable the Arab investor and Kuwait from trading in the Kuwaiti stock markets or the global and American in particular . There are millions of dollars invested by Arab businessmen to trade stocks online, especially in the US stock exchanges. The steady rise of the trade was the result of the expansion in the use of the Internet, as well as the individual can act his own conduct financial investments via the web, from his home or his office; where tracks investor shares favorite prices on the site, and read the latest news as soon as it arrives, and gets analyzes best financial experts. The investor has also issued orders to buy or sell and watching the execution, but he may ask notified by mail about some things and events that charge, in particular, as an investor inon the Internet may turn to a broker to represent him in the make a purchase and sale of shares in .the stock market Tar, Romania

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